Mobile In-Game Advertising Network


3rd quarter of 2007 company TeleBid announced the launch of the first Bulgarian Mobile In-Game Advertising Network. Now mobile gamers can access the internet site and its mobile version, where games are offered for free. Starting with more than 50 titles, the service allows users to play for free mobile games that are subsidized via in-game advertising and reckons that advertising will help more people to start downloading games to their phones, rather than just playing what’s preloaded when they buy them.

Advertisers are looking for new ways to reach and interact with their target audience and at the same time consumers want a way to get mobile content for free. With TeleBid’s AdSmart Logic technology those needs and desires of the two groups are perfectly matched.

TeleBid’s AdSmart Logic Platform inserts targeted and contextual advertisements into mobile content, allowing advertisers to efficiently target ads based on demographic and personal profile information. Users view a quick commercial before and after every time a game is played. The profile information, which is kept private by TeleBid, allows the AdSmart Logic Platform to dynamically deliver relevant advertisements to users most likely to be interested in that content.

The list of games offered by TeleBid on includes popular titles such as Townsmen series, Funky Monkey, Black Shark, Arcade Park, Black Jack and Video Poker and the catalog is continuously growing.