Bulk SMS

SMS Notifications (bulk SMS)

How do you use mobile messaging to connect to your customers

Mobile messaging (SMS notification) or bulk SMS (bSMS ) is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective means of mass communication and engaging with your customers. Our SMS gateway enables broadcast messaging (thousands of messages) and interactive communications.

Areas applicable

Want to remind your customers about forthcoming loan or leasing installments, completed bank/card transactions, scheduled shipments delivery, information about new services or promotions – practically unlimited areas of application, no matter what business area you operate in.

The following table below repsresents just some of the possible uses, depending on your business activity.

You are: Possible use: 
Financial institution
(Bank, Credit/Leasing company)
  • Upcoming and overdue credit/leasing payments
  • Account balance and movements
  • Cash withdrawals information
  • Information about new bank services and promotions
Insurance company
(Insurer or Insurance broker)
  • Information about expiring insurance or
  • Dates of instalments
Public Service company
(Water supply, Electricity suply and distribution, Central Heating)
  • Information about scheduled or emergency repairs
  • Monthly payments reminder
Taxi company
  • Client notifications about order received, time of arrival, car number
Courier company
  • Received shipment notification
  • Sender notification about successful delivery
Web Site Owner
(e-commerce shop, deal-of-the-day website, dating site, etc.)
  • Purchase confirmation notification
  • Promotional offers
  • New products
  • Information about a purchase and payment method
Learning institution (school, kindergarten, university, etc.)
  • Parent meetings notifications
  • Information about grades, notes and absences
  • Notification for upcoming events
Retailer or shop (clothing, cosmetics, shoes store; appliances, furniture, food and beverages, etc)
  • Notification about new products, offers and discounts
  • Notification about store relocation or opening a new one
TV, Cable or Internet Service Provider
  • Monthly bill notifications
  • Promo package offers
  • New channels or services offering

Key Features:

  • Support of alphanumeric and numeric originators
  • Delivery confirmation¬† – DLR statuses
  • Delivery to ported numbers
  • Web interface for real time statistics and monitoring of service

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