Mobile Advertising

AdSmart Logic® Platform

In 2007 Telebid developed the AdSmart Logic platform for ad-funding the mobile content and entertainment channels. The First Bulgarian Mobile In-Game Advertising Network was launched that same year, offering mobile games for free in exchange for watching ads. The complete mobile advertising solution provides mobile content free to consumers in an ad-supported model and enables precise contextual and behavioral targeting.

AdSmart Logic is a completely know-how product of Telebid and had no analog in Bulgaria and in the South-East European Region.

Unfortunately the project was put on hold in its pre-mature phase due to lack of resources and the forthcoming global financial and economical crisis.

Targeted ads were dynamically inserted at the moment of content delivery, thus ensuring optimal relevancy for every mobile subscriber. Telebid was totally committed to helping all participants in the value chain – mobile operators and content owners to reach sustainable efficiency, advertisers to get the ultimate ad effectiveness and last but not least to make mobile consumer happy.

AdSmart Logic ad delivery system enables sending personalized messages to mobile customers via multiple content formats such as:

  • Mobile Games (J2ME) – dynamic ad delivery via network; ad impressions when starting and exiting the game
  • Video Clip Downloads (VoD) – pre-roll and post-roll video
  • Streaming Video – pre-roll, post-roll, overlay and split screen videos
  • Mobile (WAP) sites – self-placed clickable graphical banners, text links ads, mobile page loading

Advanced matching algorithms are used to find the most relevant ad for an individual mobile customer. Rules are defined based on:

  • Customer data, e.g. age, gender, location
  • Data about content and advertisements, e.g. category, genre, target audience
  • Contextual information, e.g. time, place, behavioral patterns
  • Other customer data from external sources, e.g. researches and metric surveys
  • Interactivity – Click-to-Options:
    • Click-to-Call
    • Click-to-Browse
    • Click-to-SMS
    • Click-to-Download

AdSmart Logic™ platform provides customized user interface that enables definition and creation/setting of mobile advertising campaigns, as well as total real-time performance tracking and campaign reporting.


  • Content is optimized for each model phone;
  • Management tools – planning and setting;
  • Targeting – age, gender, location, habits, preferences and sharing networks;
  • Interactivity – Click-to-Options: Clicck2Call, Click2Browse, Click2SMS, Click2Download;
  • Automatic Device Detection and Configuration;
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting;
  • Web based administration and campaign management;

Popular uses

  • Mobile advertising – Brand, product and service advertising;
  • Mobile promotion – Loyalty program and retention campaign;
  • Consumer surveys and feedback;